Exclusive lenders accessible to clients of Charles Hamer

Having specialised in obtaining French finance for over 26 years , we have a wide range of established non main-stream lenders offering a range of mortgage schemes to our clients .

Unlike most French mortgage brokers we are not limited to a very small number of main- stream French banks that specialise in offering French mortgages to non- nationals . These banks channel all international buyers applications to one department at head office level and apply very similar strict lending criteria to all applications from non - French residents . The outcome can be negative resulting in applications being refused.

By approaching exclusive lenders who make decisions on a regional level , applying their own individual criteria, the reason for the refusal by the main stream lenders is frequently overcome and the result is an agreement without impacting on the mortgage rate .

Please contact our office for more details. Alternatively if your application to a French bank has resulted in a refusal and you would like us to approach our exclusive French lenders to see if they are in a position to offer mortgage funding please forward a copy of the original mortgage application and supporting financial documents to Javier via email ( enquiries@charleshamer.co.uk).